March, 2023

Network / University - FAQ - Appointments

My appointments, when will I receive them?
They are available right now!

To view them:

Go to your My SkiTOPS Portal, login - using the credentials on your confirmation - skitops.com/myevent.

Click Here to download and install the app from Google Play

AND through the mobile app - see below.

What can I do with my appointments?
You will be able to opt out, add, and even change appointments with approval from your appointed meeting participant.

The mobile app - how do we get it.
And, what will it show us?

Download at GooglePlay - Click Here.
Download at the Apple App Store - Click Here.

The app will show your appointments, all attending Network / University with contact information, University schedule (for those who paid to participate), with agent groupings. Also included is the event schedule, SkiTOPS policies, our event sponsors and general information.

Download Google Play Store

SCAN Here to download and install the Google app

Download Apple App Store

SCAN Here to download and install the Iphone app

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